Web Application Development

Web Application Development

What is a web application? (what is web application in Hindi?), is this question coming in your mind too? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we have tried to answer your question in easy words. People know what the website is, but if someone talks about a web app, many people do not understand what it is.

Those who know a little about this, are also confused about what is the difference between the website and the web application?

A web application or web app is a type of software program designed to perform specific funtions. It is stored on the web server and executes on the client's web browser when a request is sent from the client. Like a computer software or computer application, a web app also provides its user with an environment where the user is able to enter data, and can also perform different types of tasks.

Scripting language is used to create a web application that includes both server-side scripting (eg: PHP, ASP etc.) and client-side scripting (eg: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, etc.). After knowing about the web application, this question must be coming in your mind, what is the difference between the website and the web app?

First of all, let us tell you that if you call a web application a website, then you are not wrong. Because if you are viewing anything in your web browser through the internet, then you can call it a website. But still there will be some difference between these two… is there? If we explain the difference between them in only two lines, then it can be something like this: The website is informational. A web application is interective.

The main purpose of the website is to provide only information to the visitors. Like telling people about your company, product or service etc. The goal of a web application is to take input from the user and interect. Such as subscribing newsletter to visitors, facilitating online image editing etc.

A website where there is one-way communication, that is, the user can see the content of that website, can read it but cannot input anything nor perform any task, then it can be called a website. Such a website from which users can interect, that is, they can input something, can perform a function, then it can be called a web application.

There are thousands of such web applications on the internet and it is difficult to tell about all. When you are surfing the net, you will get to see many such sites which will be providing some service to their users in the form of web app. It should also be understood here that a web application can have both static and dynamic pages and the process of these two pages is done differently.

The application server does not need to make any changes to the static pages, it is sent directly to the client. But to generate the dynamic page some functions have to be performed and the output that comes after that is sent to the client.

It runs smoothly on multiple platforms as it does not depend on the operating system, it is browser based. There is no need to install it. It is not stored in the user's hard disk so there is no space problem. There is no need to provide different updates for each user or device, once it is updated in the server, all users are able to user the same version. It reduces problems like software pairacy. Most web applications do not require much RAM and other specifications to work. For this the mantanace cost seems low so it is cheaper for any organization.

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