CCTV Camera Service

We love our loved ones very much. Because of which we remain very concerned about their safety. In today’s time, we remain very busy. In such a situation, we cannot live with ourselves all the time. There is a lot of crime in the society. Due to which it is very important to have security.

CCTV camera is very much beneficial for us in this security. We can monitor the activity by putting it in our homes or offices. CCTV camera has become very much a necessary device for us today like a smartphone. It can be purchased from any nearby market according to its needs.

CCTV is known as closed circuit television. At the same time, some people also call it video surveillance. CCTV is a closed circuit system. With the help of CCTV security camera, we can monitor at home or office. You can also record a picture or video. However, the video is recorded on a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder). Let me tell you, the video can be stored at different levels of quality for a specific period of time and the user can go back and check the old video.

As we have already told you that CCTV has many types. Which has many cameras like Dome, Indoor or Outdoor and Infrared Dome. All these cameras play an important role in themselves. Because of which you can choose them according to security. CCTVs come with a lot of options. All these options come with different features. So let’s talk about some types of CCTV cameras ..

Let’s talk first about the indoor and outdoor CCTV camera. Let us know, we can also use outdoor camera in indoor way. However, indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors.

Indoor camera is most beneficial for security of home and office. At the same time, the outdoor camera is made in a very strong way. Due to which he can withstand the weather outside. Outdoor Dome Security Cameras are weatherproof and can withstand all weather and temperatures. Which is its plus point.

We may need a CCTV camera all the time. In such a situation, it is important to keep in mind that your cameras can perform better in the night and day time. However most CCTV Dome cameras are Day / Night cameras only.

In which an imaging chip is used. Which can capture good images even in low light without infrared light. However these cameras do not have infrared light. Due to which he cannot capture the image in complete darkness.

Dome CCTV camera is very beneficial for home security. These cameras can be mounted in ceiling mounted or fitted in brackets on the ceiling. Which depends on the field view and application requirement. Let me tell you, it is specially installed for monitoring inside homes, casinos, retail stores and restaurants. Dome cameras come in mini and micro versions for different deployment. And are available in several housing ranges to suit different architectural styles.